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The Increase of Entrepreneurship and Investment due to Coronavirus

Updated: Jul 9

In the technologically-advanced world of today, the demand for entrepreneurship is greater than ever before. Besides this, history has proven the true worth of creative entrepreneurship time and time again as it has helped many countries rise above adversities and build stabilize economies in times of crisis. Some of the grandest businesses of the past were formulated amidst economic depression, and that’s the reason why today is the best time to promote entrepreneurship. According to a national survey conducted by the Stormstand Investment, the majority of the people believe there’s a massive gap between government policies and the mindsets of the locals when it comes to the role of government and the private sector in rebuilding the economy. .

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the lives of millions of peoples, and there’s still great uncertainty in the air. Unemployment is increasing with every passing day, and more and more people are becoming victims of these challenging times. Times are changing and the only way to adapt to this change is to rethink, replan, and rebuild. The days of 9 to 5 office jobs are long gone and now its time to step on the entrepreneurship bandwagon. That’s the reason why we share an obligation to act as every year thousands of students graduate yet only a lucky few find suitable employments.

According to Stormstand Investment Study of 2000 random individuals encompassing 300 entrepreneurs and 300 aspiring entrepreneurs, the majority of the people are in consensus that the government must take the plausible measures to promote entrepreneurship and encourage professionals to build businesses creating higher employment opportunities.

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